I love this product. It does everything your website says it will do and performs flawlessly.
I am VERY happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone with a Canon Digital Rebel.

It came in today's mail.

Tried it out and it works as I expected. GREAT!!!

I wanted to get my camera close enough to photograph hummingbirds to get good pics.
I've been using a tele-photo lens and cropping the picture but not really satisfied with the results. With the ZAP-SHOT, I can put the camera close enough to capture the 'hummers' without me scaring them off.

Attached is a sample of today's hummer pics. I had the camera on my deck about two feet from the flower. Using the 55mm lens at 1/4000 sec and aperture at 11, I took this shot from inside the house...about twenty-five feet away.

Thanks ever so much for your help and assistance.

Sturdy! Works Xlnt! Amazing!
Highly recommended for Rebel user's!

... I love the Zap-Shot I have.

I use it on every tripod shot I take with my 300D ...

P.S. Take a look at my latest shot, attached.

Application example: Panoramic photography

I am very happy with the ZAP-SHOT !

Yesterday I used the setup in a house with a very weak wooden floor and without the ZAP-SHOT, I could never make the stable images I have shot because my weight (95kg) was bending the floor too much when I stood close to the setup.

The result without the ZAP-SHOT would be most likely not good.

I received my Zap-Shot Thursday and it is a marvel! I can shoot close-ups of birds like never before.

Here is further praise of your wonderful product:
I left the transmitter in my pocket and my wife washed my shorts. I retrieved the thoroughly soaked transmitter, disassembled it and thoroughly dried it. I put it back together and it works perfectly!

Again thanks for making such a wonderful, tough product.